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What is a Parrot Head?

A Parrot Head is a phan of the singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett, but it's much, much more than that; it's a lifestyle and a state of mind. Parrot Heads, regardless of where we're from, know that the island is only a song and boat drink away. Whether we are with a group of our phriends or by ourselves, all we have to do is turn on the music, grab our favorite refreshment, lay back and close our eyes and we are there. You can almost feel the ocean breeze. We like to have fun, but we also have a serious side. Parrot Heads and their clubs do a lot of charity work and support many different causes.

Phun Phact

The term Parrot Head was bestowed upon us at a concert in Cincinnati many years ago.  When noticing the tropically inspired costumes and props, so prevelent at a Buffett show, Jimmy commented that the audience reminded him of DEAD HEADS….just substitute the tie-dyes and beads for Hawaiian shirts and flower lei’s.  Band member Timothy B. Schmit replied that we weren’t DEAD HEADS, we were PARROT HEADS!!!!!!!  And the name has stuck ever since.



We are not Parrot Heads because we are Jimmy Buffett fans.

We are Parrot Heads because

We Love the ocean.

We Love the planet.

We Love to have fun.

We Are Parrot Heads because

We are not afraid to be silly.

We are not afraid to act soolish

We are no afraid to love.

We are Parrot Heads because

We like scantily clad members of our favorite sex.

We like playing in the sun with those same members.

We like singing songs that sall all of these things.

We are Parrot Heads because

We believe the best things in life cannot be bought.

We believe sharing the best things makes them better.

We believe in the innate goodness in all of us.

We are Parrot Heads because

We know shared joy is increased.

We know shared pain  is lessened.

We know a good friend has value beyond measure.

It just so happens that Jimmy Buffett sings about all these things.

So, we are not Parrot Heads because we are Jimmy Buffett Fans.


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